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They don't have anybody they can chat with," he says."Switch on the computer and have a chat."In fact, the elderly are already getting help with Paro, a therapeutic robot that looks like a baby harp seal.And his efforts point to a future where robots will play an intimate role in the lives of the elderly, the lonely and the broken-hearted, say both computer and social scientists."People will fall in love with them, people will want to marry them, people will have sex with them," says David Levy, an AI expert and the author of "Love Sex with Robots."Levy even predicts marriages between humans and robots will be common by 2050.He's also working to make human-bot relations a thing.

"There are many people out there who, at certain times don't have anyone to talk to, or they don't have anyone to laugh [with] or to love them," says Levy, who sees his program being especially valuable to the elderly."They're living alone.

But thanks to virtual reality and hardware that plugs into phones, the latest sex toys can redefine the meaning of "long-distance relationships" while others can take humans almost completely out of the sexual equation.

Now, a few doll makers and researchers would like to add artificial intelligence to the mix, creating erotic dolls that would do a lot more than just lie around.

He's twice won the Loebner Prize, awarded for AI software that sounds the most like a real person having a conversation.

Now his company, Intelligent Toys, is working on AI software that can flirt convincingly with humans.

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